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Elio is puzzle/simulation hide-and-seek game designed to be playable even if you're blind. In the game you need to find the boy Elio who is hiding in the forest and you need to do it before sunset!

This game was developed in two months by a small team of first year students at Game Programmer, Yrgo. Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Voice acting  in the game is in Swedish.


  • W.A.S.D: Move
  • Shift: Sprint
  • Space: Whistle



  • Philip Åkerblom
  • Johan Appelgren
  • Jonathan Aronsson Olsson
  • Jonatan Karlsson
  • Amie Faily

Graphic Design 

  • Adam Olin
  • Charlie Persson
  • Dennis Lind

Additional Design

  • Philip Åkerblom
  • Jonatan Karlsson

Install instructions

Download, unzip and run.


Elio.zip 53 MB


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Elio was interesting, it has nice visuals but it's meant to not be looked at (if i assumed correctly). You're supposed to only use your hearing to find your friend in the woods which i find is a cool concept! The voice acting was well made and the sound so too. If you look at the screen while playing it's too easy and if you climb up the hill you miss the ability to look down since your curser is locked to the x axis. Lastly I'd like a explanation what the difference is between Setting one and Setting two.

Well done!